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The Adventure of You Workshop

How do you perceive life? We believe life is an adventure where you get to write your own story.


Join us for a workshop where we are going to help you transform from feeling like life is a series of things you "have to do" to a journey of experiences you "get to do."


This workshop will help you become the author, director and actor of your own story by creating the clarity you need to turn your dreams into your everyday world.


In this workshop you will help you not only build the clarity you need to write your own story, but we will work together to help you truly OWN your story.


And believe in yourself to make it happen.


So where do you start on your journey to really make this happen for you?


Well first you have to become absolutely clear on who you are and who you want to become. Then you have to create a blueprint and set in motion a plan to make it happen for yourself.


Asking yourself questions like “What am I truly will to do to make MASSIVE action towards my goals and dreams?” This is a critical step on this journey.


Yes, I know. This sounds easier than it actually is.


This is because we often have a lot of internal blocks within us that we have to overcome to truly step in and take ownership of our lives.


Limiting beliefs around our own self worth, lack of evidence in the real world of our value (yet!), and pressure from society to “stay in our lane.”


But you are meant to shine and step outside of your comfort zone into your power. And this workshop is designed to get you the clarity you need to move yourself and your life forward.

In this workshop you will:
  • Bring clarity around who you are and who you desire to become.
  • Learn about how to create your dreams by modeling examples of other people that have been there before, allowing you to condense decades into days.
  • Learn how to use your subconscious mind to propel you forward and program it to allow you take actionable steps towards your destiny.
  • Meet a group of like-minded individuals on the same path as you are.
  • Find community support to clarify your dreams and declare it to the group to set your dreams into motion.
  • Create actionable strategies to build habits that are designed to help you succeed towards your goals.


And have Q&A time for any questions you may have!

This masterclass is for you if:

  • Want to understand your purpose in this lifetime
  • Learn more about yourself and how to embody a new identity
  • Learn about your unique gifts that you are here to share with the world
  • Understand the lifestyle you want to live
  • Create actionable habits and strategies towards your dreams
  • Meet cool and like-hearted people

Patrick Farrell is a Business Coach focusing on personal branding and online business growth. He's also the founder of Light Club.


He helps spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches get clients and run a business with easy & efficient systems without feeling overwhelmed by technology.


His uniqueness is also in helping his clients and members with lifestyle design, connection, and overcoming any internal limitations that might be preventing them from stepping into their power.



So, what are you waiting for?
Join us for this Workshop!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PST

The Adventure of You Workshop

Normally $99


  • 90 Minute Workshop

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