Light Club | Live Inspired Entrepreneur Business Retreat 2022 | August 16th - 23rd, 2022

Are you looking to get to the next level of your business and need new tools for success?

Are you looking for a group of spiritually-minded and impact driven entrepreneurs commited to growth?

We are gathering conscious business owners for a week of immersion and growth this summer.

If you are looking for actionable tools and strategies to get your business to the next level, then we have something special for you this August.


Imagine this.


Immerse yourself for a week long experience at an epic house in the mountains that will impact your life forever, offer you new tools and give you an entrepreneur network that you can count.


We all know that one of the most difficult things on the entrepreneur journey is to keep ourselves inspired and motivated, especially when times are tough; but that's where a community can come in to keep you moving forward.

That's why we are coming together.

Join us for 6 days as we come together to watch one of the most impactful business conferences on the planet, Tony Robbins Business Mastery. This virtual event will equip you with cutting-edge skills, systems and business strategies to really stand out in the marketplace.

You will learn expert business and marketing skills that are unmatched in the industry, you will learn how to maximize your companies online presense, and you will learn how to confidently anticipate and solve your biggest business challenges.

We will be gathering at a retreat house in Florida for a week of fun and intense personal growth that will translate into business growth.

This trip is about building a community of conscious business owners and entrepreneurs that are excited to support each other. You are going to gain so much wisdom and new information from the virtual conference, but you are also going to learn so much from each other!

Embody the Energy of the Next Chapter of your Business.

Your business needs your energy, and quite often life can get in the way to keep us from feeling motivated to keep going. 


That's why this event is all about enhancing your energy so that you can funnel it into your business.

August 16 - 23, 2022

One Week Together

Max 22 Participants

Limited Availability

Business Content

Tony Robbins Business Mastery

We believe that when we gather groups of people together that have the same intention to grow and expand, magic happens.


With each of our previous retreats, participants continue to meet up around the world, travel together, and communicate with each other on a weekly, if not daily basis.


We know this experience will be no different in pushing your life and your business to the next level.

What you can expect from this experience.

During this retreat, you are going to have the opportunity to deeply connect with each other and get to know the Light Club community. 


There will be an opening dinner party, morning yoga and breathwork, and a closing gathering. During the closing gathering, we will reflect on all we have learned and experienced together over the past 6 days together.


We guarantee you will leave feeling deeply connected with each other and empowered to take the next steps in your business, and in your life.


While the main focus of this event is around the virtual Business Mastery experience, we are going to have an epic time as well at a beautiful and luxurious Florida house.

Work Together As A Group

During this retreat, we will be experiencing the Tony Robbins Business Mastery event.


This is a world class event typically held in person but now offered virtually. We are excited to be able do this event virtually at a retreat house! This has created some magical experiences at past retreats, and we can't wait for you to gather with us this time.


The best part about all of this? You won't be learning all of this information alone, you will have each other to reflect and dive deeper into the material.

You will also:

  • Learn from the top business owners in the world
  • Gain new skills to immediately increase revenue in your business
  • See that the things you have to share are super inspiring for other people.
  • Have a lot of fun with other conscious business onwers
  • Expand your mindset and your wisdom which will translate to an elevated version of your business and your life.
  • Learn how to make more money and reach more clients/customers

“The retreat for me was the first step in claiming ownership of my experience on earth. Being completely immersed in a space dedicated to growth and personal development, surrounded by a community with the same intent, was waht I needed for something to finally "stick.” It was a reset isolated from my daily life that was the cataylist for change, for action, for progress."

Kristyn Nicole AssiseKristyn Nicole AssisePhotographer

Stop wasting time not knowing the steps to take to find success and let's work on our businesses together.

You aren't going to recognize your business, or your life after this retreat!

All Light Club members get $333 off the price listed below.

Join us!



Price for Room + Event Ticket ($10k ticket price typically)
  • All Meals Included
  • Morning Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation
  • BONUS: 6-Weeks of Integration Calls after the retreat ($2000 Value)

Join us August 16 - 23, 2022!

Your Home For The Week!

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