Shine Your Light
30-Day Instagram Challenge 
Starts February 1st, 2022
6-Week Program

Ready to Shine Bright
And Step Into Your Power?

Do you want to have a more effective and stronger voice on social media?


Are you ready to inspire your audience, and show

them a life they didn't even know was possible?


Do you want help achieving the discipline, consistency, and accountability you know you’re going to need to successfully build your brand online?


Join the challenge today and let us help you create a portfolio of work that will drive your purpose driven business!

There Is a Secret to Creating Consistent Content

Using consistent content to build an audience on social media can seem like a hugely daunting task. But growing an audience that is aligned with your message is not only possible, it's exactly the medicine the world needs right now. 


There are so many technical things to learn on this journey! You have to learn how to define your vision, write branded copy, how to take and edit good photos, write captions, use hashtags, etc.


Then you also have to build your audience from scratch, send web traffic to your page, devise clear consistent messaging, and write an authentic bio. 


These are not easy things to do when you’re doing them by yourself!  


It can seem overwhelming when you really start to understand what goes into cultivating business success on the modern internet.


That's why we created this 30-Day Instagram challenge. When we work together, that's when we can push past our own limitations and allow ourself to step into our power.

Building an audience on social media can seem like a daunting task that is just too big of a mountain to climb. But growing an audience that is aligned with your message is not only possible, it's exactly the medicine the world needs right now. 


Nevertheless, building an audience from scratch, increasing traffic to your page, coming up with a clear and consistent message, and creating an authentic bio isn't easy to do all by yourself.  


There are so many things to learn on this journey like how to define your vision, write your bio, take and edit photos, write captions, use hashtags, etc. It can all seem like an overwhelming task when you think about it all at once. 


That's why we want to give you an opportunity to work together for a month of content creation as a group.

We know it can be hard to build up the momentum and disciple to get yourself started, but

it becomes much easier and fun when we do it together.


We know you need people that will keep you accountable, you need people that will keep you motivated and inspired, and you need people that will tell you to keep going when things get hard.


We all have fears of judgement and question our own worthiness about sharing our voice.

But I promise you, you can step into your power and use social media to share your message with the world.


If you want to position yourself online as an authority figure and subject matter expert,

you are going to have to gain trust in your audience.


This challenge will help you build the trust and create the audience you are looking for.


And we know that you want to stand out from the crowd by being your authentic and unique self. But this can be easier said than done as we get past the things inside of ourselves that hold us back.


If you have a message, a product, or a service that you know will change the world, and you need help keeping up with the consistency to post every day, then this challenge is for you!

During this Challenge You Will:

Refine Your Bio

We will work together as a community to refine your bio so you can connect with your ideal audience.

Learn to Batch Content

Content challenges can be difficult if you have to create content every single day. Learn to batch content for success and consistency.

Have Community Support

Posting every day can be a challenge, but working with the community it becomes a fun. The group will hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

Discover the Magic of Reels

One of the biggest growth techniques on Instagram right now is reels. Learn how to leverage Reels for audience growth.

Learn to Livestream

Going live on Instagram can be an extremely fearful thing to do, learn how to shine every time you show up live.

Understand Hashtags

Dive deep into understanding hashtags and how to use them to grow your audience and influence.

Work Together As A Group

The best part? You won’t be doing this alone.


The group will hold you accountable and help you work past your fears that have been holding you back. In this program you will also meet other inspiring people who will ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals.


Through this experience you will build a portfolio of work that will be the foundation for your mindset, your business and your life.


But you will also:

  • Feel comfortable and excited to post content when you normally would give up.
  • Create an exciting daily habit to post on social media.
  • See that the things you have to share are super inspiring for other people.
  • Create a strong sense for value creation through posting.
  • Create a bigger audience, both online and “in-real life”
  • See that it is so much easier to express what is meaningful to you to other people.
  • Make More Money.  Generate More Business and Clients
  • Overcome fears of judgement and bring awareness to your hidden limiting beliefs

See What People Are Saying

People just like you got amazing results and created lifetime connections!

“The Challenge helped me solve the problem of inconsistency and it also helped me seeing the focus on my message more. Community aspect helped too for accountability and support”


Alexandra Zuber

“For me it was to finally commit to daily posting to grow my IG portfolio which I didn’t even have as a photographer. I’ve been consistent since Jan 1st. It has become a routine and a habit. I’ve put zero effort (yet) into growing more followers but it’s happening organically anyway day by day.”


Tijmen Hobbel

“The challenge helped me to get over the limiting belief that I didn’t have enough content to be consistent. It also showed me how important consistency is for me in my life and business and helped open my eyes to triggers I was not realizing I was having and helped me to see that I was unknowingly putting unfair expectations on others.”


Chelsea Elizabeth

You Can Make This, You Can Grow An Aligned Audience

Three years ago, our Founder Patrick, was terrified about the idea of putting himself out there on camera and sharing his toughts with the world. He was afraid about what others would say and how they would judge him.


But he overcame the fears and believed what he had to share with the world was valuable. And he wants that to happen for you to.


We want you to share your light and we want to help you bring your wisdom to the world. 


You deserve to have a platform, you deserve for others to see your content, and this challenge is an opportunity to start down the journey to make that happen.

Stop Wasting Time and Let's Work Together to Build Your Online Brand

You Aren't Going to Recognize Your Profile, Or Yourself After this Challange!

30-Day Content Challenge Investment

Normally $499


  • Full Access to Group Telegram Channel
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (1-hour)
  • Mid-Week Checkin Call (20 minutes)
  • Surprise Bonuses and Prizes will be included

We Start February 1st, 2022!


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