Creating and Marketing Your First Online Offer Workshop

  • Are you looking to build a freelancing business or start a new company?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with how to create your first offer and start making sales?
  • Do you need help with the technology required to get you started building out a landing page to get you started making sales NOW?

Creating Your First Offer is Often One of the Most Overwhleming Parts of Starting a New Business or Freelancing Career

We know it can be a struggle to change your career, launch a new business, or even just start a side gig.

And one of the hardest parts of this journey is understand WHAT you are going to sell, WHO you are going to sell it to, and HOW you are going to sell it.

That's why we invite you to join us this evening for a workshop focused around understanding the components and pieces required to launch your first online offer as a landing page, and how to start making sales!

In this workshop you are going to learn:

  • How to get started understanding the components necessary to create an offer online
  • How to realize all of the gifts you have living inside that you can turn into an offer that helps your ideal client
  • How to discover what your first offer should be, how to choose an offer that is profitable, and why you should create higher ticket offers first
  • How to take the idea and sales copy for your first offer and put it onto a landing page
  • What the tech pieces are to get your offer online
  • How to start marketing your offer for FREE using social media and why organic marketing is your friend when you are getting started