Are you ready to unlock the next chapter of your life?

Are you ready to elevate the quality your life, move past judgement, grow your business, and become the lighthouse you are meant to be in this world?

Light Club Presents:

Embody & Elevate: An 8-Week Group Mastermind +

30-Day Content Challenge

Let's Step Into 2023 In Our Power and Surrounded by a Supportive Community

If you are ready to take your business and your life to the next level, and make it happen in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than it would take you to do it alone, we invite you to join us for


Embody and Elevate: An 8-week Group Mastermind + 30-Day Content Challenge Experience.


It’s time for us as entrepreneurs, coaches and light workers to rise above our past and become who we are meant to become in this world.


It’s time for us to serve our clients from our highest potential, to help others transform their lives, while also truly having an amazing and fun time ourselves along the way.


Quite often we hold ourselves back because of self-doubt, judgement and fear around what other people think of us when we share our idea, thoughts and feeling with this world. This program is designed to help you break free of those limitations and step into your power to powerfully share your message with the world.


That’s why we are launching this 8-week group mastermind that will help you find the support you need to step into 2023 in your power.


Through our weekly mastermind calls, you will find people on the same path as you. Entrepreneurs, coaches and spiritual individuals who are looking for support to speak their voice out into the world, embody their truth, and elevate to the next level.

Each week you will have a 90-minute virtual mastermind that will help you be inspired by the group discussions, discover new ideas for your projects and your digital content, and release any blocks that are holding you back to elevate to the next level of your life.

And it doesn’t stop there.

This mastermind is entirely focused around helping you elevate so that you can shine your light out into the world.

So what does that look like in a practical sense? It looks like helping you create an epic personal brand that showcases your gifts, talents and wisdom online.

Through a series of 4x content workshops throughout the program, you are going to learn more about building our your reputation online, re-working your bio, growing your following on Instagram, and creating a funnel to help your followers more closely interact with you and what you offer them.

What You Will Receive Through This Program:

  • 8x Weekly Mastermind Calls - 90 Minutes
  • 4x Content Creation Workshops - 60 Minutes each
  • 30-Day Content Challenge Support and Accountability
  • Worksheets and Weekly Homework to help you Embody & Elevate
  • Group Telegram Channel
  • Lifetime access to recorded content
  • BONUS - 2X Special Workshops - Astrology & Spiritual Guidance

By The End of This Program You Will:

  • Have build extreme clarity around how to grow your business, your brand and your career for the remainder of 2023.
  • Have an epic support system of conscious individuals that you can leverage.
  • Have a re-imagined personal brand online that will help you elevate and accelerate.
  • Have a more embodied sense of who you are and be more grounded within yourself.
  • Have a lot of fun and be invited to future invite-only experiences with Light Club.

Through the 30-Day Content Challenge, You Will:

  • Build a portfolio of work that will be the foundation for your mindset, your business and your life.
  • Feel comfortable and excited to post content when you normally would give up.
  • Create an exciting daily habit to post on social media.
  • See that the things you have to share are super inspiring for other people.
  • Create a strong sense for value creation through posting.
  • Create a bigger audience, both online and “in-real life”
  • See that it is so much easier than you believe to express what is meaningful to you to other people through your content.
  • Learn how to not just build an audience, but how to build an online community.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for spiritually minded or spiritually curious individuals who want more out of life and are looking to take their career and business to the next level in 2023.

Embody & Elevate is tailored towards entrepreneurs and coaches that are looking to grow a purpose driven business and make an impact on other people’s lives.

If you are someone that needs help to EMBODY your wisdom deeper within yourself so you can ELEVATE to the next level, then this is for you.

When we surround ourselves in community, we can move forward much faster and make a bigger impact together.

So if you are looking for more support to have people to talk things out with, share your challenges, discover new paths forward, and create a stronger foundation for your business together; then this program is exactly what you need to start the new year strong and in your power.

Why Does This Program Include a Content Challenge?

Light Club's mission is to unite rising leaders in hiding from around the world who inspire positive change and personal growth through action and community. To accomplish this mission, we believe you need to have tools to shine your light into the world.

The content challenge portion of this program is designed to help you re-imagine, re-design and build a strong portfolio of content that will help others see what you offer to the world and how you can help your community grow and expand.

Content challenges also help you build momentum towards growing your online audience, creating buzz around your message and your programs, and help you embody your teachings more within yourself.

The challenge will help you feel connected to your purpose as we work together to create conscious and inspiring content.

What Can You Expect From This Program?

During this mastermind, you can expect each call to include a group meditation to help us ground into the group energy and create a harmonious and peaceful, yet energized frequency.

You can expect to find the support you need to push yourself forward and share you voice with the world to help you grow an aligned audience.

You can expect to feel inspired, motivated and expanded by the group. You can expect to have fun, to grow, connect and embody more love, joy and excitement into your life.

You can expect to learn new things, meet new people; and you can also expect some surprises along the way including special invitations, bonus group calls, and resources that will enable you to make 2023 the best year of your life.

Your Guide Through This Program:

Patrick Farrell is a Business and Lifestyle Coach focusing on personal branding, online businesses growth, and spiritual development for his clients. He helps entrepreneurs get clients and run a business with easy & efficient systems without feeling overwhelmed by technology.


Patrick believes in complimenting business and personal growth techniques with actionable strategies that are aligned with his clients’ life missions.


He also believes that business should be focused around joy and happiness, both for as a business owner and for their clients and customers; that this is the real magic of creating a heart-centered online business.

BONUS Included Masterclasses

Astrology to Align with Your Destiny

Your astrology chart is the blueprint your soul chose for you to live out in this lifetime. The most important and potent part of your birth chart is your North Node.


The North Node speaks to your destiny in this life time. It is your purpose. It is your north star. It is the mission you incarnated onto this earth plane to fulfill.


In this workshop, Angela will help you understand your North Node and how it is your ticket to your highest destiny.


This masterclass is guided by Angela Papa.

Managing Your Energy As An Entrepreneur

Entreprneuership is a deeply spiritual and energetic journey, and to keep yourself in the best emotional, physical and spiritual state, you need tools to manage your energy.


In this workshop, Emily Romano is going to guide us through understanding how to use morning routines and energetic hygiene tools to make sure you know how to ground your energy and maintain alignment so you can keep your business and freedom lifestyle moving forward.


This masterclass is guided by Emily Romano

Testimonials from Previous Challenges

“The challenge helped me solve the problem of inconsistency and it also helped me seeing the focus on my message more. The community aspect helped too, for accountability and support”

Alexandra ZuberAlexandra ZuberHolistic Coach

“For me, the thing was to finally commit to daily posting to grow my IG portfolio which I didn’t even have as a photographer. I’ve been consistent since Jan 1st. It has become a routine and a habit. I’ve put zero effort (yet) into growing more followers but it’s happening organically anyway day-by-day.”

Tijmen HobbelTijmen HobbelPhotographer

Get Full Access to the Program for Early-bird Pricing Through December 27th, 2022.

Program Starts: Tuesday March 6th, 2023 - 2 PM EST

Introductory Cohort Price - $888

Early-bird Pricing (Until March 1st) - $444


Weekly Mastermind Calls on Tuesday @ 2 PM EST

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