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Energy Sovereignty Workshop with Brittany Erickson

Are you an empath? 


Do you tend to feel other people’s emotions?


Do you notice unexplained physical symptoms when in large groups of people and public spaces?


Without realizing it we take on other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions… even strangers.


Only about 5-6% of the thoughts we have are our own. Meaning the other 94-95% of thoughts we have are actually coming from other people around us.


Learn how other peoples’ energy can affect your own, while learning the tools needed to protect and ground yourself.


Includes a guided healing meditation to ground and shield your energy.

Learning this process will help you…
  • strengthen your visuals, intuition, and relationship with yourself
  • ground, balance, and restore your energy
  • ensure your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are your own
  • make better decisions driven by your intuition coming from a grounding/loving place versus a fear based place
  • protect and shield your energy when you are out in public places like offices, concerts, apartment buildings etc. 

Brittany is an intuitive reader and healer who is passionate about teaching and connecting people to their higher self and guiding them on a journey towards healing.


Using several different types of intuition and healing modalities, she equips her clients with tools that set them on a voyage to understanding oneself more than they knew possible.


Having overcome struggles and traumas of her own, she is deeply invested in furthering the lives of her clients to help them live a soul driven life.


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So, what are you waiting for?
Join us for this Workshop!

Sunday July 24th, 2022

3:00 PM EST / 12 PM PST


Energy Sovereignty Workshop

Normally $99


  • 75 Minute Workshop

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