Group Healing Session with Ruqaya Kalla

Join us for a group healing session with Ruqaya Kalla.


Are you feeling:

  • Energetically drained?
  • The need for a physical tune up?
  • A necessary release of energetic blocks?
  • Like you have physical condition that keeping you from your power?

If you’re looking to get your mind, body, and soul working together in better harmony — this Light Club healing session is for you.


Join us in an intimate and safe container as Ruqaya taps into our physical and emotional bodies to uncover any areas of misalignment. In this 4-person session, she will assist each attendee in the quantum field to create a healthier reality.


If you’re ready to make quantum leaps and bounds, sign up below:

Ruqaya Kalla is a leading intuitive healer, author, and prominent motivational speaker with the ability to extract health-related matters pertaining to your mind, body, and soul; and assist with clearing any blocks.


Utilizing a unique combination of modalities such as BodyTalk, Intuitive Anatomy, NLP, Biohacking, Neurolinguistic Programming, Access Bars Facilitation, Quantum Healing, and Facia Balancing; she has a glowing record of information accuracy and health improvement for her clients.


If your body is trying to tell you something spiritually or physically — Ruqaya can convey the message. 

So, what are you waiting for?
Join us for our next Light Club group healing session.

February 15th, 2022 12:00 PM


Group Healing Session

Normally $150


  • One Hour Group Healing Session via Zoom
  • Group Telegram Chat for After Session Support
  • BONUS: One FREE Light Club Virtual Workshop

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