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Join a global network of heart-centered individuals and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs, who travel, explore and grow together.

Are you looking to setup your life for success?

Are you eager to train your brain, your body and your spirit for growth?

Imagine this.


A group of heart-centered individuals traveling together, co-working together, learning and growing together. People that are committed to creating a fulfilling and powerful life for themselves and supporting others on this journey.


We know it can be difficult to find friends that are interested in exploring new places, and we want to give you an opportunity to meet new people and discover a new part of the world with our community.


That’s why we created Light Club Live.

Imagine going to a new town with a group of like-minded and like-hearted individuals who are there to grow with you, to connect, and to push each other forward. People that are excited to wake up in the morning for yoga classes, morning workshops and co-working. People that will go from your Airbnb roommate to your lifelong friend.


In the afternoon maybe a photoshoot by the pool, beach time, or a hiking adventure close to town; following by dinner over deep conversations and delicious food. We’ve even thought about making this a 2 week long ski trip!


Would you be down?

Experience the Magic of Group Travel

Traveling alone can be fun, but traveling with a group is often a quantum leap.


When you put a group of like-minded and like-hearted individuals in the same town where everyone is excited to explore and grow, magic happens.


One Week Together

Only 44 Participants

Limited Availability

Skill Sharing

Workshops and Masterminds

What makes this experience different?

We want to give you a space to connect with your community and meet other like-hearted individuals. We believe this is a unique experience for you to connect more with yourself and your community.

The Location

Imagine waking up on the water, in a beautiful Croatian town that is literally straight out of Game of Thrones. You will spend the morning enjoying a relaxing yet challenging yoga class, followed by a meditation session to get your day started with an empowering mindset in paradise.


As we travel around the beautiful islands, enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters along the Dalmation Coast and gets some beautiful shots to that will make your Instagram profile shine.

The People

22 inspiring people from around the world, all coming together to connect, learn, share what is working for them, where they need help, and how they can live their most fulfilled life of freedom and abundance.


Plus several structured workshops and mastermind sessions designed to grow your knowledge of personal branding, health, wellness and business concepts. We have industry experts ready to focus on your challenges, your personal growth, and your career/business.

The Boat

Our accomodation for the week is Captain Edo’s pride and joy.


We will spend the week on the Senia, a traditional wooden Croatian sailing boat. Reconnect with your roots and learn about how Captain Edo went from being a cruise ship engineer to owning this beautiful boat that will be our home for the week.

The Food

Our crew is ready to dazzle your appetite with delicious local food. And the first evening we will spend at a beautiful winery in Hvar where everything, yes everything, is grown on the farm.


Connect with mind, body and soul while you learn how to nourish your body with delicious healthy food.

The Price

Similar summer events in Croatia can go for upwards of $10,000 USD for just 3 days.


Our retreat promises to provide the same level of value for fraction of what others are charging.


Our goal here is to facilitate community, so while we strive to provide the same level of value, we can charge significantly less for this experience while giving you the tools you need master your life, and have an amazing experience at the same time.

The Community

You will feel welcome whether you are coming alone or with your friends. We will take care of your perfect match for a cabin mate that fits your personality, ensuring deep connection with the community.

The Power Of Community Will Change Your Life

We know this is possible because we have already done these types of trips in the past through other communities. We know the power of these immersive growth trips where you can quickly create new friends that last a lifetime.


That’s why we want to bring this experience to the Light Club community this year to help you connect and help you step into your power.


We know the world is hard to navigate right now, but when you are surrounded by an incredible community, we know you can make any dream turn into reality.

An Opportunity to Grow, Expand and Connect

Through This Experience You Will:

  • Learn how to combine work and travel so you can find a balance in your life
  • Learn how to create a healthy mindset to empower your next chapter
  • Surround yourself with a group of people that are challenging the paradigm of the typically corporate 9-5 mindset to create life on their terms
  • Have deep conversations that are guaranteed to expand your mind to what is possible in this world
  • See possibilities everywhere of what type of life you want to live
  • Learn more about yourself and discover tools to help grow your mind, your body, and your soul
  • Be surround by a group of people that are going to help you grow and expand

You Will Also Get:

  • One group photoshoot with headshots to use for your personal brand
  • Two group masterminds to expand and connect you to the community
  • 4 included workshops around personal growth and personal branding
  • Lifetime access to any recorded content created during Life Club Live (through our online community platform)
  • Access to our member directory which includes recommended healers, coaches, and people to support your journey.
  • Priority access to any future Light Club Live trips
  • Opportunities for skill sharing where you can lead a workshop or growth experience for the group
  • A community that is there to support your goals, your dreams, and make you feel less alone in this world
  • Invitation to our opening and closing Light Club Parties

What do you expect a typically day to look like?

Our typical days will include morning yoga and meditation followed by breakfast together as a group.


After breakfast, we will have time to connect over coffee before we go into our morning workshop or mastermind. This session lasts around 2 hours before lunch time.


We will have lunch on-board and then have time to either explore town or jump off the boat on days when we are sailing. Expect a lot of time for swimming!


Once we arrive in a new town, we have time to explore, go hiking, site seeing, or grab drinks with the group. 


Dinners on-board will be in the evening time before we head off to hit the town. The night we are in Hvar Town is totally free but the group usually has dinner together and then hits the clubs.


One of most special days is the day of our Captain's Dinner where we all dress up in white and take epic photos at sunset followed by Captain Edo's cooking. 

Each day will follow some semblance of this schedule but there will be a variety as well depending on the port that we are in. Expect a surprise day as well!

Where will we go?

We would like to be clear too, this trip is NOT about turning you into a full-time nomad or location independent traveler. Light Club Live is an immersive growth experience where you get to connect deeply with individuals who are on the same paths as you.


Then you can go on other trips with us, or you can connect deeper after the trip with our community online or one of our Light Club Chapters (currently Miami and Ft. Lauderdale).


Light Club Live is always about connecting, growing and experiencing life in a deeper way.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, fill out the application here so we can reach out to you when we are ready to launch Light Club Live. Our plan is for this to be a 2-week experience but in the future we may do month long trips as well.


For our first trip, we are looking into Tulum as a potential location. Other options include San Diego, Sedona, Austin, Scottsdale, Miami, and ski towns in Colorado.


We promise you can make your dream happen and we are going to help you make this happen so you can work from a pool in Florida or a ski slope in Colorado.

What's the Investment?

All Light Club members get $222 off the price listed below.

General Admission



Includes access to all Light Club Live events plus Light Club Membership for 3-months.

    VIP Admission



    Includes access to all Light Club Live events plus Light Club Membership for 3-months. 

    Also includes invitation to speakers dinner, 2 VIP masterminds during Light Club Live, a
    nd 6 week post event group mastermind circle.

      We Look Forward to Seeing You in Croatia!

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