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Live Inspired Retreat

Join us for 3 days of nourishment and connection at this beautiful retreat center in Hillsboro, GA. This week is about giving you space to disconnect from your daily life, reconnect with nature, relax, and build stronger connections with your community.


June 27 - 30th, 2022

Hillsboro, GA

Relax | Connect | Grow

First and foremost, this is an opportunity for you to relax. There will be delicious food, a hot tub, bon fires and deep conversations. You will wake up to morning movement, breathwork, and a group workshop to help you step into your power.


Then you will have the rest of the day to connect with nature and enjoy your time away from your normal day-to-day life. This is an opportunity to disconnect from your life so you can re-connect with yourself and each other.


We want to provide a space for you to expand your mind, your body, and your soul. Our time together will help you recharge and discover that there are people out there that just want to cheer on your success.


All activities are 100% optional but you will have plenty of opportunities to relax, connect and grow.

Nature, a Pool and Hot Tub

You will be completely surrounded by nature. And there will be plenty of amazing conversations in the hot tub!


Whether you choose to go hiking, hang out in the pool, or sit around the fire, there will be plenty to do!

Group Workshops

Each morning participants will have the opportunity to learn something new over group skill-sharing workshops.


Participants are welcome to run their own workshop if they are interested. After all, this is a community to help you shine your light!

Physical Fitness

Health and wellness is one of our core values, so our retreats would not be complete without some phyiscal fitness.


Each morning there will be a morning workout class with movement and meditation.

Daily Movement, Breathwork and Meditation

Each morning we will start our day off with a daily movement, breathwork and meditation practice to keep us present throughout the day.

You are Powerful, You are Strong, and
the World Needs YOU to Shine!

The world needs you. The world needs you to step into your power. The world needs you to realize that everything you need to shine your light is already living inside of you.


You are capable of pulling the gold from within yourself to build a life a fulfillment, joy and positive impact.


You are capable of having everything you desire in your biggest dream. And it is much more fun and expansive when we help each other achieve that life together.


Surrounding ourselves with people that believe in us is essential.


We need others to help us recognize our own gifts because sometimes we are blinded by our own thoughts and beliefs.


When we surround ourselves with others that just want to see us win, then we can more quickly step into our power.

Light Club Wants To See You Win, We Want to See You Shine Bright

We want to see you live your most abundant life so that you can show others the way. We want you to believe in yourself and be the conscious leader that we already know that you are!


When we allow our inner child to come out and be seen, we allow ourselves to tap into the infinite wisdom within. And we know it can be hard to find a space to truly be yourself, that’s what this week is all about.



This week is for YOU!


You will have opportunities to connect with each other, explore nature, relax in the hot tub, and just be YOU.


While activities are of course optional, there will be morning movement, meditation, masterminds and a few workshops. You can even lead a workshop yourself if you are interested; we love skill-sharing!


If you can imagine a week with delicious food, conscious conversations, beautiful nature, and lots of fun; then this is the retreat for you.


You will leave feeling inspired, motivated, connected, and we hope stress free!!!


We want to help you shed everything that isn’t currently serving you so that we can send you back out in the world ready to shine bright and be the leader you are meant to be.


We want you to live inspired. We want you to shine your light.


Can’t wait to see you in June!

"The retreat for me was the first step in claiming ownership of my experience on earth. Being completely immersed in a space dedicated to growth and personal development, surrounded by a community with the same intent, was what I needed for something to finally “stick.” It was a reset isolated from my daily life that was the catalyst for change. For action. For progress."

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Normally $1349


3 Days / 3 Nights
  • Meals Included
  • Morning Yoga
  • Skill Sharing Workshops
  • Price for Shared Bedroom
  • Only 8 Spots Available

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