Light Club NFT
Inner Circle

Coming Soon!

Light Club is excited to announce our first ever NFT drop in partnership with the Crosstower NFT Marketplace. This first launch will showcase three exclusive limited edition digital pieces by one of our talented members and resident artist, Kate Goltseva.

The artwork showcased in this collection features our Light Club Lion, a powerful symbol of strength in the face of life’s challenges. To us, the lion represents resilience and courage in overcoming difficulties and embracing the unknown; guiding our members to discover and embody their own personal power.

We believe in helping our members shine their light in the world; that’s why we are connecting people that are truly looking to build an extraordinary life for themselves and those around them. People that are looking to really make an impact on the world and to push humanity forward.

By purchasing one of these limited edition Light Club NFT’s, you automatically become a member of the Light Club community and gain access to our in-person Light Club Live event.

But this NFT brings you even further by bringing you into the Light Club Inner Circle, a group of individuals who are really here in this world to push each other forward in their lives and their business/career.

Your purchase includes membership dues for 1-year, 52 weekly calls, inner circle masterminds, a digital community platform, invitations to Light Club trips, and more.

We can’t wait to welcome our new members into the Light Club Inner Circle with this NFT drop and are excited to see where this takes the Light Club community into the future.

Kate Goltseva is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who works with video, light, and music.

The main theme to her as an artist is the connection between people, cultures, and nature, as well as the psychology of all those interactions. She sees the world as a wholesome structure. All of us - humans, animals, and plants - are parts of one system, and we are all random patterns of the universe.

She’s also an incredible Video Jockey (VJ) based in NYC where she creates visual artwork that inspires and motivates people.