Light Club Retreats

Light Club believes that human connection is the most powerful driving force on the planet, and our retreats help our community grow, have fun and thrive in a immersive and fun environment.

Light Club Retreats are a space
for you to grow, connect and have fun!

Are you looking for an experience that will allow you to be completely immersed in a space dedicated to growth and personal (or business) development?

When you surround yourself with a group of people focused on the same intention, amazing things start to happen.

Our retreats are a reset from your daily life. A place where you can focus on growth, deeply connect with others, and have an experience that will be the catalyst to step into the next level of your life.

So if you are feeling stuck, or just need a push in the right direction towards turning your goals and dreams into reality, then our retreats are for you! We love to combine personal growth with epic experiences and human connection to create magic.

You will leave with your heart full, your mind expanded, and your soul nourished. We want you to create connections that last a lifetime. And that’s what happens when we step into the unknown as we mix travel, personal growth, and fun.

Meet friends that will last you a lifetime

One of the most powerful elements of our retreats are the connections and experience you will have with each other. Deep conversations over dinner, jumping off the boat in Croatia, or cliff jumping, we do it all!



Light Club retreats always include personal growth or business workshops.


The most important thing to take away from this experience are the lifelong bonds you will form!


Unforgettable experiences with your new friends, potential collaborators, and maybe even future partners!

new experiences, new destinations

The unknown won't let you down

Travel is one of the best ways to step into the unknown. That’s why our Light Club retreats pull you out of your normal life and offer an opportunity for you to deeply connect, learn new skills, and grow as an individual.

Workshops designed to help you thrive

We all love to travel and experience new things, but when you add in valuable workshops and masterminds, that’s when the magic starts to take place. All of our retreats include elements of personal or professional growth and the workshops are always included in the price of the trip.

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What you Can Expect

This is more than a trip, it's an experience

We believe that there is an overseeing force of love that connects everything in this universe, and sometimes we need to break away from our daily life to connect to it. 

We need to put ourselves around a group of individuals who are dedicated to growth and taking ownership of their life. A group dedicated to connect with their heart to make the world a better place.

We will start the retreat with an opening party where you will have time to meet and get to know each other, set intentions for our time together, and learn about each others goals.

Each retreat experience is different but typically they include workshops, masterminds, travel adventures, and almost always hot tub time!

"This retreat was such a pivoting point in my life. I often think back to it as a time where I shifted into a new reality. I went into the retreat still getting over a previous relationship, and the connections and energy that I was around completely helped me shift and heal. I met amazing friends and made deep connections in such a short amount of time. I was shown the magic and endless possibilities and opportunities that come from being in community with like minded humans. I will forever hold this weekend in my heart."
"The retreat for me was the first step in claiming ownership of my experience on Earth. Being completely immersed in a space dedicated to growth and personal development, surrounded by a community with the same intent, was what I needed for something to finally "stick." It was a reset isolated from my daily life that was the catalyst for change. For action. For progress."