Light Club Masterclass

Throat Healing & Activation with Jen Rose

A balanced throat chakra supports positive self-talk, direct and vulnerable communication, abundant creativity and a confident security in one’s own connection to Source.   Through healing and activating our throat chakra we become more accepting of who we are and how we are being asked to show up in the world. When we free ourselves and allow our voice to be heard we honor the divinity within.   Jen Rose will guide a gentle healing of the throat, inner child and heart connecting us to our primal voice.   After the throat is healed a shamanic blessing and activation ceremony of chanting, toning and light language will be performed.   Communication skills, speaking and singing exercises will follow.
Throughout our workshop, Jen will guide you to understand:   Challenges: Finding one’s voice, self-expression, speaking the truth, listening, and resonating   Excessive: Dominating voice and interrupting conversations; inability to listen; gossiping   Deficient: Fear of speaking; introversion and excessive shyness; small, weak voice; tone dear, poor rhythm   Shadow Element: Lying to one’s self and others

Jen Rose is a classically trained Vocalist, Intuitive Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, Sound Healer, Medicine Woman and Water Keeper.


She facilitates Concerts, Sacred Ceremonies, Goddess Gatherings, private 1:1 sessions and owns a pro-audio Recording Studio in Miami Beach, FL. Her musical and speaking gifts inspire deep, transformative teachings on shamanism, meditation, manifesting, and practical ways to live an empowered life.


Her mission is to spread love, healing, peace and joy through her music and guided meditations.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us for this Masterclass!

Monday, May 30th, 2022 7:00 PM EST / 4 PM PST

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Normally $188


  • 90 Minute Masterclass
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