Light Club | Light Warrior 6-month mastermind

Do you know you have a mission and a purpose in this world?

Do you want to build a business to support that mission and create a lifestyle that you love?

This program is going to push your forward and transform your life forever.

Something we often don’t do enough of is ask ourselves enough is WHY!


Why are we here on Earth, why do you have the talents and skills you have? Why do you feel drawn to work in a particular field, travel to a particular place, or world on a project?


When we ask ourselves WHY, we train our brain to start to come up with the answers. And we start to see the answers all around us. We start to understand why creating a lifestyle we love and a mission is the driving force we need to create the life we desire.


It’s our belief that we all have a purpose for being on Earth. We all have a reason why we are here and something we want to create or bring into the world. It could be a family, it could a business, or could just be a space to support other humans on their journey of life.


But quite often we don’t have the tools and the help we need to accomplish our goals and our dreams. We become overwhelmed quickly with all of the things we feel like we have to do to clarify our purpose and create a strategy for success; while also staying in a happy and joyful state along the way.


While we know it can get overwhelming at times, we also know that you can have it all.


You can have a happy and joyful life, you can have the business of your dreams, you can have a lifestyle that you love.


And you can have a supportive community to grow with along the way!

That's why we are launching the Light Warrior Mastermind.

The Light Warrior Mastermind is a 6-month program to help you find the success and fulfillment you are looking for in your life. A program designed to help you shine your light and to help you create a support system for your own success.


This is going to give you the practical tools you NEED to push you forward.


By you creating abundance in your life, you offer a gift to the world, because when you are in your power mentally, physically, emotionally AND financially; you are the medicine the world needs the most.


This program is specifically for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to make a positive impact in the world. We are coming together to combine resources, wisdom, and expertise to push ourselves to the next level.

Embody the Energy of the Next Chapter of your Life

Your new life needs your energy, and quite often life can get in the way to keep us from feeling motivated to keep going. 


That's why in this program we are going to focus on your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We focus on your health and wellbeing so that can be translated into abundance in all areas of your new life.

We believe that when we gather groups of people together that have the same intention to grow and expand, magic happens.


We know this experience will be no different in pushing your life and your business to the next level.


By the end of this 6-month program, you are going to feel connected, supported, energize and like you don't even recognize who you used to be.

But what holds us back along the way?
Typically it is FEAR

Fear of the unknown, fear of the next steps to take, fear of what other people might think, and of course, fear of failure.


But what if you believed there was no way to fail? What if you believed that every step you take in your life is a step towards your ultimate destiny?

That’s what we believe at Light Club. We believe you are a powerful creator. We believe you have the energy, the wisdom, and the drive to turn your wildest dreams into reality in the world.


And we also believe that having a support system to walk this path together is crucial to your success, both as an entrepreneur and as a human.


With a support system and world-class tools, we can work together to re-program your fears into your drive. We can re-program our sub-conscious beliefs for success and define values that push us forward.

Listen to that voice!

Have you ever had a little voice in your head telling you to move forward? To change your direction in life, to build something bigger than yourself?

Quite often we don’t live in alignment with our internal thoughts and feelings. We continue to act in ways that keep us stuck and feel like we should be doing something else while we stay on the hamster wheel we have already created for ourselves.


But what if you could break free?


What if you could change your story and write a new chapter of your life? One where you feel happy and fulfilled?


We are here to tell you that you CAN! And we are going to walk with you down the path to get there.

Let’s tell you a little bit about our Founder and the leader of this master 6-month mastermind.

In 2015, Patrick Farrell was working as a software engineer struggling to know the next steps to take in his life. He felt like he plateaued at his job, was overwhelmed, a bit lost, and felt like there was something calling him to make a change.


So he quit his job in May of 2016, leaving everything behind including a job, apartment, relationship and life in New York City in search of a new adventure and new lifestyle.


His travels brought him across the ocean on the Nomad Cruise, to countless retreats around the world, and to experiences he could never have had otherwise. The reality was that this adventure was just the medicine he needed to discover his true self living inside.


We grow up in this culture where the programming says what we “should” do, so of course Patrick followed that programming for many years, getting two engineering degrees, then going to work at a corporate 9-5 in Washington DC and New York City. Quite honestly none of that he regrets as it helped to form the person Patrick is today and give him a strong foundation.


However, at some point it feel like enough and it also felt like he wasn’t being his true, authentic self. He wanted to discover more, he want to grow into a better human, and he wanted to make a bigger impact on the world.


Through this mastermind you are going to learn directly from Patrick on the mental, emotional and spiritual techniques that were required to transition from somewhat of a “dark night of the soul” in 2015/2016 to a life he truly loves today.


A life where he’s able to travel the world, support his clients and feel like he has the ability to shift the paradigm of people’s lives into one based on love, joy and fulfillment.

What you can expect from this program:

Through this 6-month experience, you are going to not only learn from Patrick, but you are going to learn from each other how to step into your power, how to create an online business that helps you shine, and to create a system for your long term success as an entrepreneur.


We are going to sit together to create the tech for your online business. We are going to show you each and every step of the process and work to create systems that support your success as an entrepreneur.


But it’s not going to stop there, because once you have your tech systems built, you need an audience, you need clients and customers! And you need content to drive people from social media and search engine platforms to see and view your content.


So we are going to work with you to push you forward. We are going to encourage your success, we are going to tell you the truth where you are falling short in your business and your life. And we are going to help you build the technology systems you need too.


This program isn’t all just about the online business world either. Our plan is to meet up at least once during the program to really gain clarity on the direction you are going in your life. We want to push you forward, we want to connect you with others that maybe are a step, or 10, ahead of you so that you can see the path towards your own success.


We often have to see that something is possible before we bring it into the world, and that’s why the community you surround yourself with is so important. You are only going to be criticized in this world by people that are doing less that you.


When you surround yourself with people that are doing more, have more, and believe more is possible, it opens the doorway for you to make that possible too.


We know because we have been there. Patrick has consistently surrounded himself with incredibly smart and like-hearted individuals since he left his job in 2016. It truly wouldn’t be possible for Light Club to exist if it wasn’t for him seeing others pave the way and inspire him to make this community happen in the world.

What is unique about this mastermind?

We are sure that you have seen so many masterminds out there to help you create a new chapter of your life, so I’m guessing you want to know what is different and special about this one?

In this mastermind, you will have a safe space to understand more about your spiritual journey as well as your journey as an entrepreneur. We quite often forget that there is a bigger purpose in our life and a guiding force from what you might call “the universe”, “God”, or just whatever higher power you might believe in.


We are being supported in more ways than you can imagine from the spirit world and we are creating a space here where we can tap more into that guidance while also working on our own energy.


This is a safe container with no judgements and where we get to step into the unknown together.


We believe the unknown will never let you down, so we are here to walk into it with our heads held high.


In this program we will be utlizing tools such as group Akashic Record Readings, Quantum Healings, and Psych-K® to gain more guidance as well.

We would like to invite YOU to join the Light Warriors Mastermind.

You may be wondering, what’s the cost of something like this? Well to be honest, it is priceless because an investment you make in yourself can NEVER be taken away.


For you, the cost of this transformational journey is $12,000.


However, if you message Patrick “Light Warrior” on Facebook right now, you will get a special price of $2,999 until June 1st.

After our initial 8 participants, the price will increase to $5999 until we hit 22 participants. Then the full $12,000 until the program is full at 33 people.


You deserve a life that you love, you deserve to have the tools to live out your mission, and you deserve to create a legacy for yourself that will last lifetimes.

In addition to what we have already said, you will also:

  • See that the things you have to share are super inspiring for other people.
  • Gain new skills to immediately increase revenue in your business
  • Have a lot of fun with other conscious business onwers
  • Expand your mindset and your wisdom which will translate to an elevated version of your business and your life.
  • Learn how to make more money and reach more clients/customers
  • Learn practical systems and technology necessary to run a business in today's digital world

"Patrick has an incredible knack for bringing heart-centered entrepreneurs together from all over the world. In the time I've know him, he's connect me with so many incredible friends that I've had the opportunity to collaborate with to enrich my personal development journey in ways I never thought possible. The community he's built has been contributing to the rapid growth of my brand and how I show up in the world. If you are looking to compliment your business growth with highly actionable strategies that is also spiritually aligned with your life's mission, Patrick is the guiding light you should follow"

Kristyn Nicole AssiseKristyn Nicole AssiseBusiness Marketing Astrologer

Stop wasting time not knowing the steps to take to find success and let's work on building fulfillment to our lives and our businesses together.

You aren't going to recognize your business, or your life after this mastermind!

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