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Inside the Light Club, conscious and heart-centered individuals, spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches come together to find support and shift into the next level of their life. Light Club helps people find community, grow as individuals and make an impact together.

We love to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the practical world. We want to help you do the inner work while also collectively co-creating the life of our dreams together.

A Community to Support Your Journey Towards Growth, Fulfillment and Sharing Your Light

Social Gatherings

Light Club is a place to facilitate social connection. We have meetups, group trips, and impact based experiences that will leave you feeling deeply connected to each other.

Online Workshops

Ongoing workshops led by industry experts; covering various topics in personal growth, relationships, and business. Workshops can be held both in-person or online.

Weekly Calls

Light Club offers weekly calls for community members to connect and dive deep into topics around self growth. We thrive on intelligent conversations and innovative ideas.

We are a global network of people, connected through a common purpose of learning from each other and inspiring others. We bring society closer together through meaningful experiences and mindful communication.

We bring heart-centered individuals together that are looking for conscious conversations, deep connection, personal growth and extreme success in their life by having fun!

Within the community you have the ability to attend social gatherings, participate in weekly masterminds, and work with others who desire exceptional levels of freedom in their lives. We travel together, attend conferences together, and so much more.

Mission: To unite rising leaders in hiding from around the world who inspire positive change and personal growth through action and community.

First Rule of Light Club: You Talk About Light Club!

Each Day is a New Opportunity to step into your power

You are the creator of your reality. You are the author of your story. You are the director of your life.

Discover Your Community

Light Club is a space for people that are ready to take control of their life, find freedom and really commit to building a foundation for their lives. 

We help individuals find a community of people that they can count on and that will push them to the next level in their life. We value freedom, hard work, connection and community.

While being an entrepreneur is not a requirement to be a member of Light Club, there is a large focus on building a business within our community. We believe creating businesses from a heart-centered place is exactly what the world needs right now. 

And we believe that we can achieve more together. It’s not just about the destination, it’s also about having fun, connecting with each other, and making an impact along the way.

Supportive Environment for Growth

Whether you are looking to intimately mingle over a group dinner party or gather at a retreat in the mountains of Colorado, it’s all about the connection and growth among our members.

We are a group of people looking to “do life together” and we are here to create friendships that last a lifetime. That’s why we offer experiences that combine personal growth, travel and connection for you to create the bonds you need within the community.

Community Dinners

We can accomplish so much more together and our goal is to offer you the space to connect with other conscious individuals.

Always on the Cutting Edge

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest health and wellness practices for our community.

Community Healing

We are huge advocates of health and wellness! We encourage and offer workshops and events around mindfulness, mediation and physical fitness.

Have you ever been to a sound bath? What about breathwork?

Have you tried Reiki? Do you like yoga?

Our community offers events and partners with some of the best teachers and event facilitators out there!

Membership Package
Discounted Classes/Workshops

What does it mean to shine your light?

We believe it means to stand in your power, to allow yourself to be seen, and to keep an open heart despite any external circumstances.

We know it can be hard to live fearlessly without expectation. We know it can be hard to stand in your truth, share your gifts and talents with the world, and unapologetically be who you are.

That’s why we are here to help you shine your light. To help you show others the way. Because when you share what is real and true to you, you give others permission to share what is real and true to them.

We believe a supportive community is what is necessary to help each other light up the world and that is why we are excited to welcome like-hearted and conscious individuals as members of Light Club.

What Do We Mean By "Conscious Growth"?

The word “conscious” can be elusive sometimes, but ultimately it means to be aware.

To be aware of our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. To understand that how we think, how we act, and how we feel control our level of fulfillment and joy in our lives.

If we truly want to grow into a new version of ourselves and create a better world for ourselves, we are going to have to start changing our internal world first.

We help you bring awareness to these aspects of our lives through workshops, masterminds, and group travel experience. Then we help you re-train your subconscious mind for success so you can step into the next level of your life.

Any investment you make in yourself is always going to pay for itself 100x over, if not more, and we want to be your trusted resource for known reliable tools, resources, classes, coaches, and experiences.

We Are Looking For Motivated Individuals 
Ready To Grow and shift into 
the next version of their lives together

We are looking for growth minded and purpose-driven individuals that are looking for help to get to the next level. Individuals that know building their dream life isn’t easy but are willing to put in the hard work it takes to succeed. We want to be the supportive community you can count on, and we are the place for you to find collaborators, business partners, best friends, or maybe even your soulmate.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to join forces with us, then we would love to invite you into the Light Club. We are excited to build and co-create this community together with you. If you are looking to be part of something epic from the very beginning, then we would love to have you as an early member of our community.

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