We are excited to welcome you into our community and help your shine your light in the world. Our membership options are designed to connect you with like-hearted individuals, offer coaching (both personal and business) and keep you accountable towards your goals.

They say “Proximity is Power” and we are here to connect you with amazing people on your path. Your membership options also gives you access to special member-only events, content and personal connections you can’t find anywhere else.

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We are excited to welcome you into our community and provide tools, resources, connections and experiences for you to shine.

For a limited time, join our membership options at a discounted rate while we grow our community and discover what we can accomplish together.

Both membership options include access to a digital membership portal where you can interact directly with other Light Club community members.

You will also have first access to any up-coming workshops, classes, retreats and group experiences.

Both of our membership options are mostly virtual but do offer options to meet-in person (both in Miami and community travel).


Light Club Membership

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur or coach looking for more support in your life and business? Do you need a community to help to expand, grow, and expand your business? Then we invite you to join the Light Club Membership!

Light Warrior Membership

Looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and find support for your business?
The Light Warrior Membership is for business owners who are looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and have an epic experience of life.

When you join, you join as a cohort and go through a 6-month training program together.



Connect with a diverse group of individuals from around the world who are there to support your success.


The community has a lot to offer and we give our members a place to showcase their talents! Learn from each other as well as industry experts.

Stay In Touch

We have a community platform designed to keep you connect and stay informed about what is going on within the community!

Be Held Accoutable

It can be difficult to keep ourselves accountable towards our own goals. We have tools and accountability partners to help you stay on track.

How It Works

Weekly Community Calls, Accountability and Connection

Included in your membership are 52 weekly community calls per year. Yes 52! We believe it’s important to stay connected with each other on a weekly basis so we want to give you a space to connect with each other each week.

Each call includes an element of connection, coaching and accountability. During the call you will be sent into breakout rooms to work in small groups so you can connect more deeply with other individuals in the community.

Then in the main room, there is a weekly discussion and element of coaching where we are discuss some type of topic around personal growth. 

Members of the community are also offered the space to share their gifts and talents on some of the calls, which is a great space for you to practice stepping into your power.

We also want you to have the best tools and resources available to you for you to succeed at your career, your business, your relationships, and your LIFE! That’s why each week you have a short Lightwork assignment to expand your knowledge, your awareness, or your vision.

Lightwork assignments also help you build discipline and accountability in your life.

Lastly, as the community grows, you will be able to attend member only events and retreats that are available to help you meet each other outside of the weekly calls. 

Still have questions?

If you are unsure if this is the community for you, then book a call and we can discuss if a membership in the Light Club is right for you!

we are a community of supportive heart-centered and conscious individuals looking to make an impact and Grow together

We understand that we are all here to shine our light and we understand the world needs us to step into our power. 

But we also know it’s not just about doing the work, we are here to have a lot of fun and amazing time in the process! Join us as we grow this community into a powerful force for good and a place for you to feel supported and safe.

We are excited for you to join us on travel adventures, personal growth retreats, conferences, and social gatherings. We can accomplish so much more together so we hope that you join us as an early member.