Building a Better World Without Losing Yourself On the Way

building a better world and finding our way there
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So, are you a multi-passionate healer, with dreams of building a better world through a new kind of business? 

Do you want to make the world a better place, and right now you’re on a mission to figure out how to do it? Are you pretty sure a pure profit motive is lacking morality somehow? But you still have to figure out how to pay your own bills? Are you determined to build a heart-centered business, but you’re struggling to find the way there?

Well, that sounds familiar.

Come join the Light club!

No literally… That is an invitation to come in and check out what’s going on here.

Our common sense of idealism and innovation is what birthed the Light Club into being.

We are a group of entrepreneurial-minded individuals making our way back into our hearts – for both our own, as well as the greater good. We’re the people that the old story thinks are crazy. But we know the truth of what we’re doing. We know the value and power of our work – no matter what our personal work happens to be. 

We are on a crazy, hectic, perfect, and confusing race back to ourselves.

We’re doing business from this perspective is nothing like doing business as usual. And we know the kind of world-changing paradigm-shifting in building a better world that you are doing right now is an extremely good thing. We can sense that the foundations of the old story are shaking and crumbling as holistic wellness pulls itself up to the boardroom table and rings the chime to of consciousness.

it’s not easy 

In fact, it can be downright challenging to build a successful business based on love. Especially in a world that often seems to derive its fuel based on discrimination, domination, misinformation, and fear. But those of us on the seekers’ path have found the deeper teachings. Our souls are calling us to share what we’ve learned. 

Maybe you’ve learned by sitting with the plant teachers, or you’ve been transformed by overcoming a traumatic experience. Or maybe one day you just woke up knowing that something was different in the world and you were put here on your path for a deep reason. Whatever your story, we want to hear about what you’re doing.

If your work seeks to bring healing, equity, sacred divinity, holistic balance, and a return to the harmony between matter and spirit – then the Light Club is here to support you on your journey.

Innovation and technology are powerful, yes. But they can be even more powerful if they’re grounded in the deeper truth of balance. If we are in balance between our masculine and our feminine, our minds and our bodies, and our action and our rest, we will find our greatest capacity to bring change.

Here at Light Club, our weekly calls and supportive resources will help you on your mission. You will connect with other like-minded entrepreneurial spirits who are determined to make the world a better place, while still living a happy and joyous life, in a sustainable way that benefits you and all the people around you.

This is a place where we can talk one hand about building the best website to authentically represent your work and using open-source code and automation. Then we can pivot to talk about energetics love and intuition. On my first call with the club, I felt a distinct sensation of, “Wow! This is an amazing group of people talking about things that really matter to me! I’m not the only one!

here is the secret

Not THE secret, per se, but something powerful and very applicable to your journey on this path. The key to success doesn’t lie with the key of the right technology, or the perfect business plan. It has to do with your ALIGNMENT with your true purpose. And how well you can be supported in building a better world by finding this alignment.

The sustainable flow of energy through all your different systems – organic, digital, and logistical – shares a fundamental commonality. It is the life force flowing through every single thing.

Healthy flow for both you as well as your love-based business requires that you – the leader of your business – find a way to be well-provisioned, nourished, and supported.

Come join us and take a look around. Follow your intuition. If you feel the call to be a part of the larger movement, this great shift into the new paradigm, we are here to help.

The time is now.

We are the ones we’ve all been waiting for.

Blessings, Namaste, and let’s go do this, y’all.

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