Have you ever wanted to travel, learn and grow with a group of people? Then we have something special for you.

Light Club is launching a new project called Light Club Live.

We want to bring a group of heart-centered individuals together to travel, co-work, learn and grow together. People that are committed to creating a fulfilling and powerful life for themselves and supporting others on this journey.

We know it can be difficult to find friends that are interested in exploring new places, and we want to give you an opportunity to meet new people and discover a new part of the world with our community.

Imagine going to a new town with a group of like-minded and like-hearted individuals who are there to grow with you, to connect, and to push you forward. People that are excited to wake up in the morning for yoga classes, morning workshops and co-working. People that will go from your Airbnb roommate to your lifelong friend.

In the afternoon maybe a photoshoot by the pool, beach time, or a hiking adventure close to town; following by dinner over deep conversations and delicious food. We’ve even thought about making this a 2 week long ski trip! Would you be down?

The Power of Community Will Change Your Life

We know this is possible because we have already done these types of trips in the past through other communities. We know the power of these immersive growth trips where you can quickly create new friends that last a lifetime.

That’s why we want to bring this experience to the Light Club community this year to help you connect and help you step into your power.

We know the world is hard to navigate right now, but when you are surrounded by an incredible community, we know you can make any dream turn into reality.

Through this experience, we promise you will:

  • Learn how to combine work and travel so you can find a balance in your life
  • Learn how to create a healthy mindset to empower your next chapter
  • Surround yourself with a group of people that are challenging the paradigm of the typically corporate 9-5 mindset to create life on their terms
  • Have deep conversations that are guaranteed to expand your mind to what is possible in this world
  • See possibilities everywhere of what type of life you want to live
  • Learn more about yourself and discover tools to help grow your mind, your body, and your soul
  • Be surround by a group of people that are going to help you grow and expand

When joining Light Club Live, you also get immediate access to our online community platform where you can connect with other attendees, share your stories, upload your pictures, and more. It will be your portal to remain connected to each other after the trip. Think of it as our own private Facebook group, but better!

As a bonus, you will also be given 2-Months free access to the Light Club Membership where you gain access to our weekly community calls that happen 52 weeks a year to keep our members connected.

You will also get:

  • One group photoshoot with headshots to use for your personal brand
  • Two group masterminds to expand and connect you to the community
  • 4 included workshops around personal growth and personal branding
  • Lifetime access to any recorded content created during Life Club Live (through our online community platform)
  • Access to our member directory which includes recommended healers, coaches, and people to support your journey.
  • Priority access to any future Light Club Live trips
  • Opportunities for skill sharing where you can lead a workshop or growth experience for the group
  • A community that is there to support your goals, your dreams, and make you feel less alone in this world
  • Invitation to our opening and closing Light Club Parties

We would like to be clear too, this trip is NOT about turning you into a full-time nomad or location independent traveler. Light Club Live is an immersive growth experience where you get to connect deeply with individuals who are on the same paths as you. Then you can go on other trips with us, or you can connect deeper after the trip with our community online or one of our Light Club Chapters (currently Miami and Ft. Lauderdale).

Light Club Live is always about connecting, growing and experiencing life in a deeper way.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, fill out the application here so we can reach out to you when we are ready to launch Light Club Live. Our plan is for this to be a 2-week experience but in the future we may do month long trips as well.

For our first trip, we are looking into Tulum as a potential location. Other options include San Diego, Sedona, Austin, Scottsdale, Miami, and ski towns in Colorado.

We promise you can make your dream happen and we are going to help you make this happen so you can work from a pool in Florida or a ski slope in Colorado.

Apply To Join Us!

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